Note about checking your POP email via Webmail.  (04/18/08)

A) To access the web mail feature from any computer please follow these simple steps.

1. Using a web browser accesses the following:

2. You will be prompted to enter the username and password to the email account that you wish to view and administrate. The account name for the primary email box is Dad's account; only he uses it. The account name for the secondary email accounts (all others except Dad's) should be the complete email address of the account being accessed.

For example: would be the username.

(replace Larry with your name of course!)

3. Then simply enter your password. It is your middle name unless you have had Dad change it. If you donít remember your password, or if you donít remember your middle nameJ, let dad know and he will assign you another password. Dad canít see the actual old password he can only change it to whatever you want; even if it was the same as before. The old rule of adding g, gl, or glo to your password to make it 6 characters is no longer needed. The new host BlueHost, doesnít require 6 characters as a password; at least not yet. If you middle name were Joe thenyou could use it as your password.

Once you enter the password, you will have access to your email account via the web.

You will notice that your Web email account is NOT another or new account. It is the same account as the POP account except instead of using your email program (Like Outlook, Outlook  Express, Pegasus, Eudora, Etc.) to view the emails, you use your browser (via Horde or SquirrelMail). This allows you to check and maintain your email from anywhere you can access the Internet, just like your Yahoo or MSN Webmail accounts.

One more thing: Please check your email once in a while and delete emails that are no longer needed; it uses up unnecessary disk space at the host website. If you donít want your email any longer, let me know and I will delete it.





A note from dad about hosting and your email accounts